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Technaid, Leading Motion.

Technaid S.L. was founded in 2004 as a Spin-off Company of technological base of the Bioengineering Group of the National Research Council of Spain (CSIC). Technaid’s main objective is to transfer the knowledge obtained from national and european I+D+i (R&D+i) projects in which the Company takes part, to commercial products framed in the field of technical aids for disability and healthy.

Technaid’s first product was the Tech-Filter, a device developed in 2005, which is a tremor filter for PC mouse that makes easier the access to computer programs to people with Parkinson. The same year the Tech-Filter was awarded with the “I+D+I Infanta Cristina” del IMSERSO First Prize.

Starting from 2007 it was initiated a new line of business focused on the systems development for the measurement and registration of movement, based on inertial technology, involving in this way different productive sectors, mainly I+D (R&D) and health, among others like 3D animation, videogames and sports.

Another innovative product developed by Technaid S.L. is the Motion Capture System Tech-MCS. Its interior merges state-of-the-art inertial measurement technology, offering a solution to multiple applications that require the orientation and movement measurement, among them: Human body movement analysis, rehabilitation, ergonomics, robotics, navigation, virtual reality, movie industry and video games. The Tech-MCS consists of a network of 16 sensors called IMUs (Inertial Measurement Unit) connected to a HUB, which manages the data to be stored in its internal memory or to be sent to a computer by USB cable or Wireless by Bluetooth connection. As part of the Tech-MCS, there has been developed a series of software tools in diverse fields of health and engineering, for the management, data analysis and control in real time.

In 2013, Technaid S.L. becomes as the first Spanish company in settling in the Rehabilitation Robotic Exoskeletons market. Technaid`s H1 and H2 Exoskeletons are lower limb robotic systems designed for helping to restore the gait in persons that have partially lost the walking capacity or to assist paraplegic persons.


Technaid S.L is operating since 2004. We started working in the field of technical aids, with our computer access device TechFilter. This product was launched in 2005, and received a prize in the area of technical aids for old people. Since then, we began to take part in different National and European projects.

In mid-2007 we launched the new MCS Motion Capture System, a complete motion analysis system based on the smallest inertial sensors ever used for rehabilitation and biomedical research. Technaid gathers the most recent scientific advances to provide the highest levels of accuracy and robustness for a wide range of applications; Human movement analysis, virtual reality and animation, and robotics.

Since the conception of our last product, Technaid has develop a new simple and intuitive software, the Tech MCS Studio, a package for simultaneous acquisition and processing of data from the inertial sensors; allows the user to control and manage real-time measurement sessions.

Our Objectives

Our main objective is to reduce the gap between the frontiers of research and personal autonomy day life problems.