Paper   2019/07 Voluntary control of wearable robotic exoskeletons by patients with paresis via neuromechanical modeling.

Paper   2019/02 Minimum distance calculation using laser scanner and IMUs for safe human-robot interaction.

Paper   2018/10 Improving Real-Time Lower Limb Motor Imagery Detection Using tDCS and an Exoskeleton

Paper   2018/08 IMU-Based Classification of Parkinson’s Disease From Gait: A Sensitivity Analysis on Sensor Location and Feature Selection

Paper   2015/12 Detection of gait initiation through a ERD-based Brain-Computer Interface

Paper   2015/10 Starting and finishing gait detection using a BMI for spinal cord injury rehabilitation

Paper  2015/10 Single Joint Movement Decoding from EEG in Healthy and Incomplete Spinal Cord Injured Subjects

Paper   2015/06 The H2 robotic exoskeleton for gait rehabilitation after stroke: early findings from a clinical study

Paper   2015/06 Using EEG Signals to Detect the Intention of Walking Initiation and Stop

Paper  2013/08 Assessment of Cervical Spine Range of Rotation with Inertial Sensors After a Vertebral Manipulation Procedure

Paper   2007/06 Application of inertial sensors in rehabilitation robotics

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