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The Exo-H3 is the latest version of Technaid’s lower limbs robotic exoskeleton. This new version incorporates several improvements and is now more versatile, robust and reliable for your research. Among these improvements we can mention:

– Security mechanisms as power shut-off button and mechanical stops.
– Wider area for hips attachment
– Wider mobility ranges for a more human like performance
– Better electronic integration for an improved form factor
– Redesign of connectors for a faster connection

Exo-H3 emulates the process of human walking replicating a pre-defined gait pattern through six actuated joints in the sagittal plane. Thus, it can assist people that have partially lost the ability to walk after suffering a stroke, contributing to the current neurorehabilitation research.


Exo-H3 is the perfect platform for your Robotic Control research. Real-time control and several compatible platforms: Labview, Matlab, Android,…


Originally designed for neurorehabilitation research. Currently introduced in motor rehabilitation research.


Developed by researchers, conceived for research. Please, talk us about your idea: HMI, BMI, proprioception, augmented abilities…

Main Features

  • • Open Hips Attachment for an easy installation
  • • Easy subject adaptation through optional extended cables and extension bars (different sizes)
  • • Adjustable hips attachment in the sagittal and frontal plane.
  • Toolkit
  • • Two straps per segment to ensure optimal fastening.
  • • Built-in eye bolts for harness fastening.
  • • Included handlebars to assist the gait.
  • Interchangeable battery for uninterrupted use.
  • • Emergency stop.
  • • Communication compatibility with several platforms (Matlab, LabView,…)
  • Android App for gait management
  • • Online support.

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