Tech-Filter Description

We make easier the PC access to people with tremor. Medical test results show that up to the 70% of the tremor in patients with Parkinson is reduced using TechFilter.

TechFilter is an adapter connected between the mouse and the computer. The filter suppresses undesired tremor movement from the overall movement described by the mouse in real-time; it only remains the voluntary part of an action, making easier the movement of the pointer and the access to programs.

TechFilter has been designed to operate with the majority of PC’s and operating systems. It does not require previous computer knowledge since it offers Plug&Play characteristics.

Senior tech filter model

Who is Tech-Filter for?

TechFilter is a device for people with problems with tremor or with difficulties handling the PC mouse:


Multiple Sclerosis

Old age problems

Tremor filter leading motion

Tremor Filter Main Features

Works with all the PC’s; do not need special configurations:


Communication USB

Small and portable

Tremor is automatically adjust

Operating systems:

Windows from Windows 98