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Motion Capture System

The Motion Capture System Tech MCS is a fully wireless motion analysis solution based on one of the lighter and smaller inertial sensor of the market (Tech IMU), and it can be used in rehabilitation, biomedical research and sports. Its detailed design makes it a key tool for different application areas.

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Who We Are?

Technaid is a reference company developing technology for several applications:

Motion Analysis (MOCAP)
Virtual Reality

What We Do?

Technaid S.L. is actively involved in various national and European research projects together with highly recognized Universities and Institutions that allows us to optimize our products:

Motion Capture System: Tech-MCS
Inertial Measurement Unit: Tech-IMU
Exoskeletons for rehabilitationEXO-H3
Tremor Filters for the mouse: TechFilter

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Research News


Technaid has started to collaborate with the European project H2020 EUROBENCH. In an initial phase of the project, they will share a laboratory of biomechanical analysis field in which Technaid has a wide experience.

Furthermore, we are very happy that our Exo-H3 will be available, among other technologies, to the users of the infrastructure as a platform to test their developments.

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Technaid Latest updates

In this episode we stop focusing on biomedical engineering and focus on other important aspects for the development of exoskeletons such as attention to diversity. With PhD. Eduard Fosch Villaronga.

In this second video we show the progress obtained within the Assist Control H3 project.

This video shows the operation of the SmartWearable, a new robotic device for rehabilitation developed within the European project Diatomic.