Tech-MCS Studio 4

Tech MCS Studio 4 has been designed to provide the best user experience in each recording session. It is the software solution that pairs with the Tech-MCS package.

Its design makes daily work easier for specialists. Its project-orientation approach is particularly useful in clinical and research environments when as many as possible experiments need to be run in a single session.

Tech MCS Studio 4’s main feature is customization: Up to 15 joints can be set up in the angle measurement mode, so the whole subject’s performance is recorded and visualized in real-time on the specialist’s computer.

There are several outputs for the data: graphically through a 3D avatar or 2D graphs, numerically on text files compatible with MATLAB, Excel, Autodesk, Blender or even with one-click biomechanical reports in a PDF file.

Output Data

Biomechanical Analysis

Tech MCS Studio 4 includes an innovative automatic step segmentation algorithm that improves gait/run statistics acquisition. Human biomechanical analysis is simplified with tools that deliver information as joint angular velocity or joint range in a fast way. Additionally, Tech MCS Studio generates one-click pdf reports that include all statistics and graphs.

Synchronization Options

Tech MCS Studio 4 allows the synchronization between IMU data and video stream from compatible high speed cameras. Video is integrated in the software, helping users to detect when movement happens. Tech MCS Studio 4 provides different synchronized points of view from recorded movements to help specialists on their decision making.

When Tech MCS is configured as Master, synchronization with third parties’ hardware as EMG or EEG is managed through Tech MCS studio 4 as well. This provides total control over the experiment to the user with just one device.

Motion Capture Software Specifications

Visual Interface

Data Capture

Angle Measurement Tools

Playback Tools

Tech MCS Management

Export Formats



Motion Capture Software Applications

With Tech MCS Studio 4 we made our software even smarter. It has been thoroughly designed to fulfill all applicable measurement requirements both engineering-wise and regarding human performance.

Engineers can now obtain data straight from the IMU sensor (RAW or calibrated) through the software interface and get the graphical and numerical information in real-time.

Physiotherapist and biomechanical specialists can get joint angle visual information through the 3D avatar, and also obtain statistics from the patient joint angle performance.

With this much power, Tech MCS Studio 4 keeps making your day to day job easier.