Motion Capture System

The Motion Capture System Tech MCS is a fully wireless motion analysis solution based on one of the lighter and smaller inertial sensor of the market (Tech IMU), and it can be used in rehabilitation, biomedical research and sports. Its detailed design makes it a key tool for different application areas.

Motion Capture System

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The Motion Capture System Tech MCS is a fully wireless motion analysis solution based on one of the lighter and smaller inertial sensor of the market (Tech IMU), and it can be used in rehabilitation, biomedical research and sports. Its detailed design makes it a key tool for different application areas.

Accuracy, wireless technology, portability, versatility and simplicity are the main features of the Motion Capture System Tech MCS. Its outstanding performance allows up to 500Hz sample rate, making the Tech MCS ideal for high-speed sport performance analysis such as tennis, cycling, and running, among others.

Additionally, the user can record the information in a Micro-SD memory card, allowing outdoors recordings far from the computer. It also has built-in Wireless connectivity with a +150 meters (LoS) range in real-time recording situations.

Tech MCS system has a wide range of package configurations to cater to the user’s MoCap needs. All packages come in a robust suitcase which includes Tech IMUs, Tech Hub, textile and plastic adapters, Wireless communication module and Technaid’s Capture Software Tech MCS Studio. Additional accessories can also be included in the suitcase on demand.

Tech-MCS Big Case Solution

Big Case Solution (for systems with 9 IMU or more, up to 16): a rugged case with enough space to house the full system and additional accessories such as the Tech Wireless Trigger. This system allows a full body motion capture anywhere you need it, even without a laptop, since the system has a MicroSD internal recording option. This solution can also be used with an 8 IMU system with a full set of straps (full body).

Tech-MCS Small Case Solution

Small Case Solution (for systems with 8 IMU or less) allows easy portability for your Tech MCS Motion Capture System. It allows you to measure from the motion of a single limb to a complete upper/lower part of the body. This case allows your system storage in a more compact space.

Motion Capture System Specifications

Tech MCS Features
  • Portable and Compact
  • Ultra-small, Very Light and Robust Tech IMU Sensors
  • Highly Configurable
Physical Features
  • Tech HUB Size (LxWxH): 156x100x43 mm.
  • Tech HUB Weight: 225 gr.
  • Tech IMU Size (LxWxH): 36x26x11 mm.
  • Tech IMU Weight: 10 gr.
  • Big Case Size (LxWxH): 430x350x180 mm.
  • Weight of System 4500 gr. (Big case)
  • Medium Case Size (LxWxH): 320x260x160 mm.
  • Weight of System 3000 gr. (Medium case)
Electrical Features
  • 4 Batteries AA Type (1.2 V @ 2450 mAh)
  • Power Adapter 110/220 VAC
  • Tech HUB Nominal Voltage 5 V
  • Tech HUB Maximum Current (16 IMU) 3 A
Communication Features
  • 4 Tech IMU Ports for 1-16 Tech IMU V4/CV4
  • USB Port
  • Bluetooth® Communication
  • 150 m. Wireless Range (Line‐Of‐Sight)
  • 50 m. Wireless Range Indoor
  • MicroSD Recording (PC Offline Mode)
  • In/Out Trigger Port for Synchronization
  • Tech Wireless External Trigger (Optional)
Data Output
  • 3D RAW Data (Acceleration, Angular Velocity and Magnetic Field)
  • 3D Physical Data (Calibrated)
  • 3D Orientation in Quaternions
  • 3D Orientation in DCM (Direct Cosine Matrix)
  • 3D Angles (Joints)
  • 3D Angular Velocity
  • Rate Frequency Up to 500 Hz
  • Internal Update Rate to 1000 Hz
  • Synchronised Video Frame Recording
Software: Tech MCS Studio
  • Project and Templates Manager
  • Micro SD Card Memory Manager
  • Real-time Data Visualization and Recording
  • 3D Data Recording (Acceleration, Angular velocity and Magnetic field)
  • Tech IMUs Temperature Recording
  • Graphic Visualization with 3D Avatar
  • Captures Start/Stop Timer
  • Operating System Compatibility Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 (64‐bit)
  • Full Information in Tech MCS Studio Section (here)
Export Formats
  • Plain Text File (Excel or Matlab Compatible)
  • One‐click Report Generator (PDF).
Customer Support
  • Software’s Free Updates*
  • Firmware’s Free Updates
  • International Guarantee for Manufacturing Defects
  • Adaptable to Customer Specific Needs (customization)
  • Specialized Technical Support
  • Support for Customer Applications
  • Free SDK (Software Development Kit)


Select the accessories you need for your project

Tech-MCS Applications


Tech MCS has been developed to capture, measure and analyze human motion. It can serve different purposes in fields such as biomechanics, work medicine, rehabilitation, sports performance, virtual reality, videogames, cinema, etc.

With Tech MCS, physicians have a powerful tool that can assist them, initially on the diagnosis, and then on the monitoring of the treatments. Thanks to the accurate numerical data it delivers, doctors can objectivize the patient’s performance along the rehabilitation process.

Sports Performance Centres can take advantage too of all Tech MCS human movement analysis tools. The improvement of athletes can be easily measured and analyzed, no matter how fast the movement or how extreme the sport is (e.g. martial arts).

Tech MCS was originally developed for research, and researchers will find an ally on it. The data collected by the system can be delivered viaselected among multiple formats as RAW data, DCM orientation, Quaternion orientation, angles, etc.

There are SDKs for Matlab and C# available to be able to integrate the system into other control architectures.