Motion Capture System

The Motion Capture System Tech MCS is a fully wireless motion analysis solution based on one of the lighter and smaller inertial sensor of the market (Tech IMU), and it can be used in rehabilitation, biomedical research and sports. Its detailed design makes it a key tool for different application areas.

Robotic Ankle H3

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Robotic Ankle H3

The Robotic Ankle H3 is the Technaid’s bid for all the Research Departments focused on the mobility of just one lower joint. Through this device they would be able to control the quantity of movement and the velocity in the joint movement.

The same technology applied in the contrasted Exo-H3 is used to move and sensor a single joint. This way, this innovative device has encoders to estimate angular position and force sensors inside the sole to measure step forces.

Thus, the package includes all the systems needed to start working instantly. The battery pack included lasts for 5 hours. In the same way, the hub included allows wired connection as well as Wireless communication through Bluetooth or WiFi.

Robotic Ankle Technical Features

Physical Features
  • 500 mm. Tall (without HUB)
  • 295 mm. Long (Side View).
  • 120 mm. Wide (Front View).
  • Ankle Joint Weight (aprox): 1.275 gr.
  • Battery Weight (aprox): 590 gr.
  • Total package Weight (aprox): 1.865 gr.
Electrical Features
  • Power Supply: LIPO Battery (22.2 V @ 5 Ah)
  • Charger: 50W – 1.5 C
  • Working Time: Up to 5 hours
Communication Features
  • CAN Communication
  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth
  • Joint Position
  • Joint Interaction Torque
  • Foot/Ground Contact (Heel and Toe)
  • 1 DoF in the Sagittal Plane
  • 1 Motor
  • Strain Wave Gearing
  • Biomechanical Engineering
  • Control Engineering
  • Firmware’s Free Upgrades
  • Adaptable to Customer Specific Needs (Customization)
  • Specialized Technical Support
  • Support for Real Time Customer Applications