Tech-IMU V4 Series

The Tech-IMU sensors integrate three different micro mems sensors, a 3D accelerometer, a 3D gyroscope and a 3D magnetometer. This, together with sophisticated and robust algorithms provide accurate and reliable estimation of 3D orientation for multiple research purposes.

Inertial Measurement Unit

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Tech-IMU V4 Series

IMU V4 series represents the lastest version of inertial sensors developed by Technaid. This series incorporates cutting-edge inertial technology inside compact inertial measurement units, allowing to collect kinematic, dynamic and orientation data accurately. It improves the overall performance compared to its predecessor V3 series.

Each Tech IMU integrates three different micro mems sensors, a 3D accelerometer, a 3D gyroscope and a 3D magnetometer. Their sophisticated and robust algorithms are designed to deliver accurate and reliable estimation of 3D orientation, even in changing environmental conditions and under other perturbations. They are the heart of our motion capture system Tech MCS.

Tech-IMU CV4

Tech IMU CV4 represents the Technaid’s excellence approach to technology. On it, the most carefully designed electronics, for an extremely accurate measurement, is encapsulated inside the strongest and durable materials in order to obtain a robust and compact motion sensor, ready to perform efficiently whatever the circumstances are, even under water.

Tech-IMU V4

Lighter than CV4 version, Tech IMU V4 is delivered by default on each Tech MCS package. Its on-box-connection allows customization in order to fit user’s needs. It maintains the same high performance than Tech IMU CV4.

Inertial Measurement Unit Specifications

Tech-IMU V4 and CV4 Features
  • Ultra-Small and Compact
  • Very Light and Robust
Physical Features
  • Tech-IMU V4 Size (LxWxH): 36x26x11 mm.
  • Tech-IMU V.4 Weight: 10 gr.
  • Tech-IMU CV4 Size (LxWxH): 36x26x8 mm.
  • Tech-IMU CV4 Weight: 14 gr.
  • Built in a Compact Solid Body for Waterproof Applications (Tech IMU CV4)
Electrical Features
  • Supply Voltage: 3.3 – 4.0 VDC
  • Current Consumption: 70 mA
Communication Features
  • Standard CAN Communication or Tech HUB CAN Communication
  • Output Rate Frequency Up to 500 Hz
  • Internal Update Rate to 1000 Hz
Measured Variables

– 3D Gyroscope

  • Angular Velocity: ± 2000 °/s
  • Angular Velocity: ± 34.9 rad/s
  • Resolution: 0.06 °/s

– 3D Accelerometer

  • Acceleration: ± 4, 8, 16 g.
  • Acceleration: ± 39.22 – 156.88 m/s^2
  • Resolution: 0.122 mg

– 3D Magnetometers

  • Magnetic Field: ± 8.1 gauss
  • Magnetic Field: ± 810 μT
  • Resolution: 0.092 μT
Data Output
  • 3D Acceleration RAW Data at 16 bits
  • 3D Angular Velocity RAW Data at 16 bits
  • 3D Magnetic Field RAW Data at 12 bits
  • 3D Physical Data (Calibrated)
  • 3D Orientation in Quaternions
  • 3D Orientation in DCM (Direct Cosine Matrix)
  • Physical and Orientation Data Simultaneously
Data Accuracy
  • Static Accuracy: 0.7 degrees RMS
  • Dynamic Accuracy: 1.0 degrees RMS
  • EKF Algorithm for Accurate and Robust 3D Orientation
  • Immunity Algorithm to Magnetic Field Perturbations
  • 2 Points of Temperature Control
  • Research in Biomechanics
  • Gait Analysis
  • Sporting Performance Study
  • Ergonomics
  • Avatar Animations and Mocap Studies
  • Video Games
  • Autonomous Robot Navigation
  • Aquatic Environments (Tech IMU CV4)
  • Straps in S, M, and L Sizes
  • Customizable Plastic Adapters
Customer Support
  • Free Upgrade of Firmware
  • International Guarantee for Manufacturing Defects
  • Adaptable to Customer Specific Needs (customization)
  • Specialized Technical Support
  • Support for Customer Applications
  • User Technical Information

Inertial Technology Applications

Tech IMU V4 series is suitable for multiple purposes. With a robust version, Tech IMU CV4, and a lighter version, Tech IMU V4, many different tasks are covered by their technology.

In robotics area, Tech IMU provides the needed orientation data in order to control the robot movements, no matter what kind of robot we are talking about. On humanoid robotics, Tech IMU performs as the vestibular system of the robot, assisting the control architecture to maintain balance. On unmanned vehicles, the Tech IMU will provide the orientation needed to guide the robot on the surface to go through.

For the Geo Engineering area, Tech IMUs are useful on geotechnics and geophysics applications due to their stability and accuracy. Civil engineers could take advantage of V4 series’ high capacities too.

As researchers, we are aware of the complexity of engineering projects, for this reason our team would be at your disposal to assist you on the implementation of our technologies in your developments.