The Exo-H3 is the third version of Technaid’s lower limb robotic exoskeleton. On it we have put all the expertise and previous knowledge of our engineers to bring you a versatile, robust and reliable platform for your research.

Exo-H3 can completely emulate the process of human walking replicating the previously introduced gait pattern through its six actuated joints in the sagittal plane. Thereby it can assist to people that have partially lost the capacity to walk after suffering a stroke, contributing to the current neurorehabilitation research.

The main advantage of the Exo-H3 is that, having been designed specifically for research, it allows the implementation of own algorithms as well as the application of different robotic control strategies. This, together with its ability to adapt to different sizes gives you a wide range of possibilities when carrying out our research.

The Exo-H3 also has an Android app as interface to operate the basic functions of the exoskeleton such us gait speed, motor assistance or stand up and sit down commands.

Exo-H3 has been the result of many years of research of the Bioengineering Group of CSIC together with Technaid (CSIC’s spin-off company). Technaid, S.L. has the exclusive license for the manufacturing and commercial exploitation of the system

Exo-H3 Robotic System Technical Specifications

Number of Degrees of Freedom
Type of Control
Power supply (Charger)
Battery LiFePO4
Principal structure production material
Exoskeleton sensors
Joints Range of Movement (Flexion/Extension)
Size Adaptability