In three weeks we will be attending this year’s edition of the Summer School in Neuro Rehabilitation, in the Galician city of Baiona. As in previous years, we will be attending as collaborators, sponsors and for the second consecutive year we will be teaching one of the six workshops that will be held during the event.

In the SSNR 2023 each workshop is organized in three sessions that are held over three different days. Ours is included in Workshop 6, which is dedicated to the control and customization of exoskeletons gait patterns. On this occasion we have the privilege of sharing Workshop with researchers like Dr. Elliott Rouse or Dr. Helen Huang.

Specifically, our workshop, will take place on Monday 12th in the afternoon. In it we will mainly talk about the strategies that currently exist to customize the use of exoskeletons for their users. We will start by explaining the typical closed control modes and then we will move on to different control possibilities such as control by trajectory, by interaction torque, etc. For this, we will exploit in a practical way the possibilities of the Exo-H3 lower limb exoskeleton. In this way, we will capture the gait of volunteer people to later adapt the control of the device using the captured data.

So now you know, if you are going to attend SSNR 2023 and you are interested in the use of exoskeletons for robotic rehabilitation as well as their control strategies and interaction with the patient, do not hesitate to sign up for our workshop. Previous participants have always been very satisfied with what they have learned. Above are some pictures from previous workshops.

If you are interested in other rehabilitation technologies such as human motor control research using high density EMG, neuromodulation using transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation as well as dynamic simulation of the integration of assistive robots with humans, there are other possibilities that you can check in the following link:


For ours, there are only 24 days left. We are waiting for you.