After a couple of weeks we have managed to compile much of the audiovisual material that we generated during our visit to the Technical School of Telecommunications Engineers (ETSIT-UPM). In this post we bring you a significant part of that compilation.

The talk was divided into two parts, one expository and one demonstrative. In the first part we explained to the attendees what we were doing there, who we were, and what we came to teach them. In this part we went into details such as the origin of the company and its roots in research groups. Also the different areas of development we have, as well as the fields in which our devices are most used (neuroscience, rehabilitation, neurorehabilitation, etc.) We closed the block talking about the Exo-H3 robotic exoskeleton, its history and its various control possibilities for scientists.

We then demonstrated the use and control by integrating two exoskeletons through the ROS (Robot Operating System) platform. At first the demonstration was done with one of the two exoskeletons without occupant, but later the same test was performed with the two Exo-H3 dressed by a subject.

For this purpose we selected a volunteer from the audience who was able to test the device on her body and notice how it reflected the movements that our colleague made with the master unit.

We would like to thank again the organizers, the faculty and Professor Álvaro Gutiérrez for their hospitality and help, the attendees for their interest and our volunteer for her collaboration.

We hope you like the pictures.

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