Movement-Analysis Summer School 2017

Movement-Analysis Summer School 2017

This August it has taken place at Basel University the Movement Analysis Summer School, where Technaid has taken part.

During the summer school, many students, as well as professors from the university, had the opportunity to test different motion capture technologies and ask any technical question to the different brands that assisted as lecturers.

Technaid was invited to represent inertial motion technology that is the main expertise area of the company. During the workshop attendees were able to test extensively the Tech-MCS, the motion capture suit of the company and to solve any question with one of our engineers.

Many other lectures where carried out during the event, for example, Christine Martindale from the Machine Learning & Data Analytics Lab of, the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg, showed how movement data can be analyzed using self-learning algorithms, or Vinzenz von Tscharner explained how signal entropy is used in the Human Performance Lab at the University of Calgary to detect movement patterns

To conclude, it was a very interesting course for us to attend and it was a pleasure to met with such as important specialists in the motion analysis research area.



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