2015/06 Using EEG Signals to Detect the Intention of Walking Initiation and Stop


“The ability of walking brings us a great freedom in our daily life. However, there is a huge number of people who have this ability diminished or are not even able to walk due to motor disabilities. This paper presents a method to detect the voluntary initiation and stop of the gait cycle using the ERD phenomenon. The system developed obtains a good accuracy in the detection of the rest and walking state (70.5 % and 75.0 %, respectively). Moreover, the average detection of the onset and ending instants of the gait is detected with a 65.2 % of accuracy. Taking into account the number of intentions of initiation and stop of the gait, the system reaches a good True Positive Rate (around 65%) but obtaining a still improvable False Positive Rate (15.4 FP/min in average). By reducing this factor, this detection system can be used in future works to control a lower limb exoskeleton or a wearable robot. These devices are very useful for rehabilitation and assistance procedures in patients with motor problems affecting their lower limb.”