2020/08 Simulation Platform for Dynamic Modeling of Lower Limb Rehabilitation Exoskeletons: Exo-H3 Case Study


“A flexible simulation platform for human gait with exoskeletons is presented to support the analysis of the human-robot interaction and performance assessment of control strategies design, e.g., assist-as-needed. The platform includes the dynamic modeling of the lower limb’s exoskeletonhuman with six degrees of freedom in sagittal plane, actuated by servomotors, where the movement equations are explicitly obtained through the Euler-Lagrange approach. The full model is hybrid and it contains four sub-models that are switched between themselves according to the gait cycle phases; also, it comprises the joint actuators dynamics and the low level control system, this modeling was assembled in Simulink-Matlab. It is shown that the proposed platform is a useful tool for assistance control strategies in the gait rehabilitation. Furthermore, simulation results for the Exo-H3 exoskeleton show the successful tracking of angular trajectories, the level of human participation, and the realistic torques.”