Last week we had the pleasure to welcome in our offices our clients and collaborators, the researchers of the Brain Machine Interface Systems Lab of the Miguel Hernandez University of Elche.

The BMI group is one of the most active and prouctive in the field of Brain-Machine Interfaces, especially those controlled by electroencephalography, in Spain and Europe. They are also very active in other research areas such as transcranial stimulation (tDCS) techniques. Evidence of this is the constant participation in events as speakers, the last ones being the EMBS (Sydney) or the SMC (Honolulu) as well as the participation in international neuroscience research networks such as the NeurotechEU network, the Brain Center or the REASISTE Network.

As part of their research on human-machine interfaces they use the signals from electroencephalography (EEG) equipment to move our Exo-H3. This sounds simple enough but their research in this regard has generated a lot of literature, some of which is available on our scientific publications page:

We are very proud to collaborate with them and very happy to welcome them to our facilities.