Technaid has started to collaborate with the European project H2020 EUROBENCH (“European Robotic Framework for Bipedal Locomotion Benchmarking”). Thus, in an initial phase of the project, they will share a laboratory for biomechanical analysis equipped with several evaluation technologies. Among others, Motion Capture technologies will be included, in which Technaid has extensive experience.

In this space it will be possible to validate the evaluation methods (benchmarking) for future models of robotic devices such as exoskeletons or humanoids. And we are very happy that our Exo-H3 will be available, together with other technologies, to the users of the infrastructure as a platform to test their developments

The EUROBENCH project (GA No. 779963) aims to create two unique facilities in Europe that will allow the testing and standardization of different types of wearable robots (exoskeletons and prostheses). These standards will be made available to the general public at the end of the project, in order to promote the arrival of robotic prototypes finally to the market.