This week, the final review of the ColRobot EU funded project, has taken place at Lille. The meeting was held at the facilities that ENSAM has in the city north of France.

After the presentation of the different results of the project, the demonstrations of the two use cases were carried out, as well in the automotive industry as in the aerospace industry. They were a complete success.

With the revision of yesterday, we close a stage full of work of investigation and development that has borne numerous fruits. But, undoubtedly, the most important fruit is the narrowing of ties between the participants. What helps the synergy of research of Company and Academia within the European Union.

From here, we want to express that it has been a pleasure to collaborate with this group of people and finally we want to thank ENSAM for their coordination work, as well as the European Commission for this opportunity. The ColRobot Project has received funding from the European Union within the H2020 Program with Grant Agreement no. 688807.