EU Project DIATOMIC bootcamp at Stuttgart


This week, at the facilities that Fraunhofer IPA has in Stuttgart, the 1st Bootcamp, within the Diatomic European Project, has taken place. This Project has received fundings from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 761809. Technaid participates, together with the CSIC, in one of the 8 sub-projects that integrates and manages the Diatomic consortium.

The idea of bringing together mentors and sub-projects in a single space for two days to get to know each other and create synergies between the different groups seems new and very interesting to us. In addition, to fill the content of the meeting, various talks / workshops were held in the business area as well as in the development area.

On the other hand, it was a pleasure to meet other groups that are in the same situation as you and share solutions and new ideas with them. From here, we want to thank to all of them and especially to the Fraunhofer IPA team that welcomed us with open arms and guided us through the welcoming city of Stuttgart.




DIATOMIC is an exclusive network of Digital Innovation Hubs—part of the EC’s Smart Anything Everywhere initiative.
It is a pan-European business and technology ecosystem, with focus on health, agrifood, and manufacturing sectors, uniquely suited to microelectronics startups/ SMEs seeking to accelerate the time to market of novel digitized products and services.
Technaid is proud to be a part of one of 8 winning consortia, collaborating with Neural Rehabilitation Group (NRG) of Cajal Institute on ’SMARTWEARABLE’ application experiment. The goal is to develop and experiment a new smart robot system for lower-limb rehabilitation. The solution will be based on a new structure of exoskeleton, an electronic control and monitoring system, and a user interface, directly communicated with the movements of the user to incorporate rehabilitation exercises and to obtain personalized therapies.

Design, develop, market

DIATOMIC offers an intensive, milestone-driven acceleration programme, designed around 3-stages, each of which is a step closer to market entry: ’Design’, ’Develop’, ’Market’.
Some high-level benefits include up to €200k in equity-free funding per application experiment, access to advanced technological tools and testbeds, as well as mentoring/ networking services to speed up time-to-market of novel products and services based on advanced microelectronics technologies and smart systems integration.

Follow our journey through DIATOMIC

Take a look at the DIATOMIC experiments’ portfolio to learn more about our solution and journey to date.
For more information on DIATOMIC, please visit


This project has indirectly received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, via an Open Call issued and executed under project DIATOMIC (grant agreement No 761809)


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