On November 22 and 23, the XI Ibero-American Congress on Assistive Technologies for Disability was held telematically. The conference consisted of 6 keynote speeches that were broadcast live virtually for all registered participants.

With these sessions, the Iberoamerican Association of Assistive Technologies for Disability (AITADIS) aims to provide a space for sharing the latest advances in technologies applied to disability in the Iberoamerican geographic area. Thus, topics such as the detection of walking patterns by means of sensors, neuro modulation, robotic assistance to rehabilitation, virtual reality and tele-rehabilitation, kinematic data analysis or functional electrical stimulation, among others, were discussed.

The papers have recently been published in a digital book in which these contributions have been gathered to make them available to those interested. It is available both in the link available on the AITADIS website (https://www.aitadis.org/wp/eventos/) and as a direct download from our own website if you prefer (https://www.technaid.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/E-book-Iberdiscap-2021.pdf). The different contributions are available in Spanish, Portuguese and English, depending on the country of origin of the contributors.

On previous occasions we have collaborated directly with AITADIS and Iberdiscap participating, for example, as speakers. This time it has not been directly, but our technologies have been used in the development of some of the contributions included in this compilation. In addition, from Technaid we always want to participate and support the promotion of research and development within the Ibero-American scope.

We hope you find the topics interesting and that you enjoy reading them.