Last week we attended the Summer School on Neuro Rehabilitation 2022. For all the participants it was a great reencounter after the pandemic situation we lived in previous years, which did not allow us to hold the event as usual.

The reunion was very pleasant and we were able to participate in the conference with research staff from institutions such as the Near Lab of the Politecnico di Milano, the Neurotechnology and Robotics Research Group of the Imperial College London or the Department of Biomechanical Engineering of the University of Twente, among others. The good company was completed with the arrival of researchers from the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab who also participated in the organization of the event.

During that week we had the opportunity to listen to the lessons of eminences in our field of expertise, rehabilitation robotics, such as Dr. Jules Dewald (Northwestern Univesity), Dr. Arun Jayaraman (Ability Lab) or Dr. Robert Riener (ETH Zurich). There were also talks on topics more unfamiliar to us such as neuromodulation or prostheses, as well as keynote lectures by scientists such as Dr. Shingo Shimoda.

On this occasion, we had active participation in the workshops held in the afternoons. Specifically, in Workshop 2: sessions “Generation of customized gait patterns suitable for neurorehabilitation with the Exo-H3 exoskeleton” and “Exo-H3 and Gazebo simulations”; and Workshop 3: session: “A robot-assisted therapy to increase muscle strength in hemiplegic gait rehabilitation”. There was a lot of participation from a very active audience that did not hesitate to pilot the Exo-H3 for a minute.

In short, it has been a very profitable conference both professionally / scientifically and personally. We would like to thank the organizers and participants for all the efforts and illusions invested in carrying out this year’s event. Especially to the efficient Grace who made sure that no one lacked anything at any time.

We are already looking forward to meet again in Baiona with all of you and play another soccer match.

See you in future events. Best regards!!