During the past week we have been on the other side of the Atlantic, specifically in Mendoza, a wonderful city in Argentina. We have gone there to work with the clinical team from José Néstor Lencinas Hospital, a reference center in the area specialized in physiotherapy.

During this visit we have carried out the technical integration with the team of therapists to start a new evaluation project of our robotic rehabilitation devices. In this way, we have been training their staff to use a new technologies for treatment.

With these experiments, we hope to continue gathering information for the clinical validation of the device and thus be able to help improve the condition of patients using our developments.

Many thanks to the Hospital team for their hospitality and collaboration, and to rest of the project participants for their work. Special thanks to Silvana Mercante and Raul Rojas, clinical heads of the project from the José Néstor Lencinas Hospital and Juan Moreno from the Neuro Rehabilitation Group of the CSIC whom has accompanied us as scientific partner of the project.

We continue working.