Technaid at Exo-Berlin 2019


This October, we had the opportunity to attend the Exo-Berlin 2019 as exhibitors. The conference took place right in the center of the medical-industrial area of ​​Adlershof in the capital of Germany. At Technaid we took advantage of this event to show our latest robotic development internationally, the Exo-H3.

The conference was attended by numerous specialists in the field of robotics attracted by the interesting talks given during the event. An international list of speakers spoke on aspects such as the development of robots to assist in the ascending and descending of stairs, the ability of humans to adapt to different types of exoskeletons or the use of robotic exoskeletons for human rehabilitation.

In addition to the conferences, different European project meetings also took place during the congress, such as the Eurobench project, in which our friends from the Cajal Institute participate, among others. This, made the number of participants skilled in the robotic field one of the largest that can occur in an event of this nature.

For us it was a great opportunity to show the advanced state of our robotic technologies, specifically the newly launched Exo-H3. As well as offering the possibility to test our devices to the different assistants who requested it. In the following video you can see one of these tests that were made of the Exo-H3 during the conference.


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