A few days ago Technaid attended as an exhibitor at the International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Robots (IROS 2018) organized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering together with the Robotics Society of Japan. This event is the most prestigious internationally in the area of robotics and we are very happy that this year was held in Madrid.

On this occasion, Technaid installed at our Stand a partial demo of the results of the ColRobot project (EU202, GA N°688807) along with partners from the University of Coimbra (UC). In this way, it was possible to show attendees the novel human-machine interface developed by us (UC and Technaid) within the project. The demo consisted of controlling a robotic arm through gestures made by one of our colleagues equipped with Tech-HRI.

On the other hand, the congress was full of conferences and workshops given by a selection of the best experts and with the collaboration of numerous companies. Within the conferences, the ColRobot project also had its participation with a conference on safety in industrial environments with robots, given by Prof. Pedro Neto and entitled “Collaborative robotics challenges for safe and intuitive interaction: ColRobot use cases in automotive and spacecraft Industry”

Technaid, also had the opportunity to participate as a speaker in a presentation of European manufacturers to attendees belonging to the Japan Robotics Association. At this presentation we emphasized the research orientation of our company and the maturity of our main products: Motion Capture System (Tech-MCS) and the Exoskeleton for Research (Exo-H3).

From here we want to thank the organizers for their effort and dedication.