Last week we participated as speakers at the Tech-Day organized by the Exo-Berlin organization.

In this session, in which we talked mainly about exoskeletons, we took the opportunity to present the results of the Saloexo project, a subproject of the COVR project funded by the EU under GA 779966. Thus, Diego Torricelli, project leader, explained the challenges faced by the project and how we have managed to overcome them.

This work has been devoted to search for Key Safety Indicators (KSI) to predict dangerous events by applying artificial intelligence techniques to the data obtained during controlled walks with a lower limb exoskeleton.

The session was quite entertaining as a whole and ours in particular enjoyed a lively discussion afterwards. The bulk of it was devoted to discussing how the entire sensor suite has been integrated with the Exo-H3 via the ROS platform.

We would like to thank the Exo-Berlin organizers for giving us the opportunity to spread the word about Saloexo as well as the partners and colleagues of the COVR project.

We hope to see you in future research!

Best regards.