UMH experiments at Technaid

UMH experiments at Technaid

At the beginning of October, researcher from Miguel Hernandez University of Elche, Marisol Rodriguez visited Technaid to perform different experiments with our Exo-H2 exoskeleton.

Marisol belongs to the group BMI System Lab ( of the UMH. This group focuses its research in the field of neuro technologies mainly applied to brain interfaces to improve life conditions of people with motor disorders. She is focused on BCI (non-invasive brain interfaces), Transcraneal Current Stimulation (tCS), artifact detection, event detection during gait, and rehabilitation robotics.

Within one of its lines of research, the BMI System Lab develops brain interfaces that combines with robotic technologies, such as our Exo-H2, to enhance current therapies for rehabilitation. In this way, the experiments carried out at our facilities focused on the detection of two mental tasks, relaxation and walking imagination, for the activation of the Exo-H2 exoskeleton

The Technaid team participated in the experiments carried out at its facilities since, for us, who are also researchers, these collaborations are essential to the development of technologies that improve people’s lives. Regards to Marisol and the entire team of researchers from the BMI System Lab.

BMI System Lab’s Video:


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