Last week we attended the XLII Jornadas de Automática organized, as every year, by the Spanish Committee of Automatics. These brought together several of the most active professors, from different branches of engineering, in development and research in Spain.

There the most outstanding theses and posters were awarded, as well as the career of Professor Miguel Ángel Salichs. We also took the opportunity to pay tribute to those who have left us since the celebration of the previous edition.

For our part, we showed the latest version of our Exo-H3 exoskeleton, such as its integration with ROS, and announced the availability of its URDF model for the educational community during the presentation that companies had the opportunity to give during the last day. With this step, by distributing the model among those interested, we want both teachers and students to have a tool with which to do modeling exercises with a model that exists in real life and that maintains the real inertias and dynamics within the world of simulation in software such as Gazebo or Matlab.

We are very happy to have been able to meet again, after a long time, with colleagues and collaborators belonging to the educational and research sector in Spain. As well as to be able to collaborate with them contributing our bit with versatile, useful and up to date tools.