Introducing ROS on Exo-H3

Introducing ROS on Exo-H3

At Technaid we started the course with enthusiasm and with a great desire to continue pushing forward R+D in assistive robotics and rehabilitation. This does not mean that we have been stopped in the last months. On the contrary, we have been working on projecting the new possibilities of our equipment.

In this post we want to introduce you about the new integration with ROS that we are preparing for our Exo-H3 device. This integration comes to support the one we were already doing in collaboration with the Communications and Systems Group (Rey Juan Carlos University) for our MoCap Tech-MCS system and which prepares our devices to facilitate their use in experimental environments.

One of the first applications that this new integration will have will be the experimentation environment created within the Eurobench Project (under grant agreement No. 779963). The aim of this project is to create a relevant, accurate and reproducible test environment to measure and test future robotic developments involving gait, whether they are exoskeletons, humanoids or prostheses.

In order to test the effectiveness of new robotic control strategies, Eurobench will have a fully configurable Exo-H3 device that can be equipped with a computer that will interface between the exoskeleton and the ROS network of the infrastructure where the tests are carried out.

You can see all the information regarding the use of the Exo-H3 within the ROS environment in the following document. We remain at your disposal for any doubt you may have regarding our developments.



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