New paper on Neural Control Frameworks for Lower-limbs Exoskeletons


A few weeks ago we shared with you the latest paper published by the Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology (VISTEC) in Thailand. In it, the researchers show the development of a neural control framework for exoskeletons for versatile and personalized gait generation with a seamless user-exo interface.

With an eye on the use of exoskeletons by the older population, this work aims to improve coordination between the user and the exoskeletons by achieving greater versatility through personalized patterns. This is achieved by using bio-inspired modular neural mechanisms including pattern generators and adaptive networks with error-based learning.

To verify this approach, the researchers used our Exo-H3 lower-body exoskeleton in static and dynamic conditions such as flat terrain and split-belt treadmill.

We are very pleased that research such as this is made possible by the series of control and feedback mechanisms developed and included within the Exo-H3. Although no doubt, these advances would not be possible without the tenacity and hard work of researchers like Chaicharn Akkawutvanich and research groups like Professor Manoonpong‘s at VISTEC.

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