At the end of last month, we completed the integration of the different technologies we are using within the SALOEXO research project, a sub-project of the European COVR project. As we have mentioned in previous posts, this project is about the search, testing and standardization of the most significant indicators and sensors in terms of safety in the use of lower limb exoskeletons in realistic situations.

Once the measurement systems and the Exo-H3 are integrated, this month the partners have started the training on the correct use of the exoskeleton.  We have also started the tests with subjects in the facilities of the Hospital Los Madroños, medical partner in the project. For these tests we have used healthy subjects and the main objective has been to test that all the integration performed will work according to the proposed requirements.

In the coming weeks we will start taking data from more subjects in order to start testing the previously selected protocols and indicators. We are very excited since we understand that the data generated within this project will be of great value for the development of the Exoskeletons that we will use in the near future.

COVR is financed by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Programme under agreement code 779966



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